Hemmed In

I remember watching a Liberty Mutual commercial back in the mid-2000s and the music in the commercial was so beautiful I googled who it was and found an artist that I have not stopped listening to since. I offer you Rabbit Songs from Hem. This album and Eveningland have sung my little boys to sleep … Continue reading Hemmed In

A Song for Someone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvWcvGNLnMI&feature=share Part of my writing story is musical. There was about a 5 year period I persued a career in music in the early-mid 2000's. I had one such song pop in my head today out of nowhere (thank you Jesus). It's been awhile since I'd listened to this song written over 10 years ago. … Continue reading A Song for Someone

I stopped off at Rich Mullins gravesite today and…

On the way back from a very long road trip I stopped off in my hometown and went to Rich Mullins grave for the first time.   It was a very surreal moment.  He's buried next to his dad and baby bro and it felt like I was interrupting a family gathering. The headstone was … Continue reading I stopped off at Rich Mullins gravesite today and…

My Musical Foundation: Part 4

My buddy Nate and a few other friends from college (including Beka) were riding home for Thanksgiving in the middle 90's in his bohemoth of a vehichle. I don't remember much of the ride except for the music that was being played through the tape player.  Someone brought it along and I can remember asking … Continue reading My Musical Foundation: Part 4