Walk it off!

Most athletes have heard this age-old maxim from a coach – "Walk it off."  The assumption in the voice says "You're fine... right?" One wise word I actually heard on a basketball court – "If you're not bleeding from your throat, than shut up." Some coaches just have it, and can get players to perform … Continue reading Walk it off!

3 Steps In Processing Your Past

I heard it said while watching Disney's Meet the Robinson's a few years back.  It's a great movie with a quirky but lovable family, an antagonist you'll love by the end of the movie, and this mantra, "Keep moving forward." I'm a forward thinking person but I also have a deep love for the past.  It's … Continue reading 3 Steps In Processing Your Past

A Sense of History

This is a repeat post from 9 years ago. Trolling through the old blog, I came across one with a stupid title, but a solid thought. Set the time machine to 2007. ----------------------------------- I was reading in the book of Daniel about how his name was changed to Belteshazzar. The King Belshazzar gave Daniel his new … Continue reading A Sense of History