CS Lewis said something in The Abolition of Man that has never left me. Only a man that has had a brush with God would be able to say it with conviction. “To exist is human but to know that you exist is divine.” It is a simple yet profound statement and something we can … Continue reading

A Sense of History

This is a repeat post from 9 years ago. Trolling through the old blog, I came across one with a stupid title, but a solid thought. Set the time machine to 2007. ----------------------------------- I was reading in the book of Daniel about how his name was changed to Belteshazzar. The King Belshazzar gave Daniel his new … Continue reading A Sense of History

If you and I had lunch…

I've always liked to eat and working in a university kitchen these past few weeks has given me a new appreciation for good food. Another of my favorite things is eating lunch with someone (Of course my wife gets first priority as my lifetime lunch buddy). Sometimes I sit down with people over lunch specifically … Continue reading If you and I had lunch…

Focused Thinking

I've been reading How Successful People Think by John Maxwell. The chapter I'm highlighting in this post is on the power of focused thinking. I've struggled with focus my entire life and this list of questions I developed from the reading will no doubt come in handy for setting goals more effectively.  Here they are. … Continue reading Focused Thinking