Short Story: FIN IT TO WIN IT

Fin it to Win it And What to Do When You Can't Touch Bottom James, Nicki, and I had been asking dad all week to get in the water with us, but we quit after he acted like he couldn’t speak English in response. All we’d ever heard him say was “God made the ocean … Continue reading Short Story: FIN IT TO WIN IT

3 Steps In Processing Your Past

I heard it said while watching Disney's Meet the Robinson's a few years back.  It's a great movie with a quirky but lovable family, an antagonist you'll love by the end of the movie, and this mantra, "Keep moving forward." I'm a forward thinking person but I also have a deep love for the past.  It's … Continue reading 3 Steps In Processing Your Past

I Know What You’ll Do This Summer

There's nothing quite like summer, is there? You may choose to spend your time repeating the same past time over a dozen times, or maybe you like a little variety. If you struggle with finding things to do this summer, with your family, or by yourself, this list is sure to please a plethora of … Continue reading I Know What You’ll Do This Summer

Guest Post by Gabriel Perez: “My Lord and My God”

One man's journey from unbelief, to doubt, to small faith. I guess at first that title doesn't seem very remarkable.  Unshakeable faith, and mountain moving faith seem to be a much better conclusion.  Bear with me please, as it's quite a journey.  It all started with my cousin Gilbert who had made a profession of … Continue reading Guest Post by Gabriel Perez: “My Lord and My God”

A Sense of History

This is a repeat post from 9 years ago. Trolling through the old blog, I came across one with a stupid title, but a solid thought. Set the time machine to 2007. ----------------------------------- I was reading in the book of Daniel about how his name was changed to Belteshazzar. The King Belshazzar gave Daniel his new … Continue reading A Sense of History

Can I Have This Dance?

There are dancers, those who watch, those that watch who wish they could dance, and those who dance who can't do any such thing. And there are those that lay down the dance floor. Serving is a lot like laying the dance floor so others can have fun, a chance to shine, make someone laugh, … Continue reading Can I Have This Dance?

6 People to Thank this Thanksgiving 

This Thanksgiving I've complied a list of 6 individuals that a generous word of thanks is appropriate.  God - Above all He deserves it because of allowing us the space we inhabit, the breathable air, salvation through the shed blood of His son, and every other blessing we take for granted.  Mom and Dad - … Continue reading 6 People to Thank this Thanksgiving 

The Bottom Line

These past few months have been an eye-opening experience for me, especially at my new job catering at Ashland University.  It's a great place to work and I'm impressed with how tight of a ship they run.  Everything is based off of contracts that are made from initial conversations from sales and marketing office.  We … Continue reading The Bottom Line