It’s been a while…

Call it summer break or writers block. The fact that I've not been submitting content really boils down to the point that I've had nothing to say. I tried reposting stuff but I felt that God has been telling me to not post anything. I don't know how long this will take but I sincerely... Continue Reading →


How to Write a Letter the Boss Won’t Toss

The following was from a previous post. If you're reading this post you're probably like so many others right now looking for work. Needing a good cover letter doesn't strike many as high on the priority list but it really does matter to many employers.  I haven't earned a PhD in cover letter theory but... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bogotá Columbia, day two.

There's 100 of us collectively from Kansas City (Abundant Life, Lee's Summit), Rogersville Arkansas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and our host, Vida Nueva Iglesia, from Bogotá. The mornings are spent downtown evangelizing. Today we took the Merchant route and bought time with people. The first conversation was with a shoe shiner and our second being... Continue Reading →

The Stones in the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

OK, I've heard a false statement over and over in reference to evangelism, that when someone rejects the gospel, "...they're not rejecting you. They're rejecting Jesus." There's one BIG problem with that. I believe that the people who say it are well-intentioned and that they're not bad people - they're just wrong. Philippians 3:17 "...that... Continue Reading →

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