I Started a Joke Guitar (Bee Gee’s/Wallflowers) Tutorial

A great way to connect with people in living room setting is to have a guitar and play and sing songs people know and can sing along with. Here is a video tutorial for acoustic guitar players. https://youtu.be/go6JQ2Otn_8


My hero… and twin.

My dad, Mike Holman, is a pastor in southern Indiana. He and my mom live in the parsonage on the church property and they have a neighbor named Ralph. Ralph wasn't a believer but he really liked talking to my dad. Dad isn't the pushy type or anything but had just befriended Ralph. They've sat... Continue Reading →

Some of our best prayers say nothing more than “Help!”, but don’t allow the 140 character limit apply to your pleas to the Ancient of Days. God reads txt and tweet but that is not to supplant the anvil of agony of spirit nor the closet of quiet obedience.

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