Hate to Love

Can you think of a time where a friendship was forged in your own life over something you both mutually hated? It's not the ideal way to form a friendship because of the inevitable slander that takes place but if you find someone you really want to connect with, feeling around in the dark to... Continue Reading →


It’s been a while…

Call it summer break or writers block. The fact that I've not been submitting content really boils down to the point that I've had nothing to say. I tried reposting stuff but I felt that God has been telling me to not post anything. I don't know how long this will take but I sincerely... Continue Reading →

Keepers of the Promise

Setting up for a party of 400 is easy when you have a system and people that have done it 400 times.  One problem constantly reoccurring is how cups are stacked and put back into storage.  The stack that gets pulled to set the cups may say "Goblets", "Irish Mugs", or "High Ball", but that... Continue Reading →

Evaluation of Domesticating the Gospel by D. A. Carson

            D.A. Carson’s commitment to Biblical truth and responsible theology is commendable in his review of Stanley Grenz’s book Renewing the Center[1].  He starts off with a summary of two theological extremes (exclusivity to either past or present theological discovery) and chooses “the golden mean”[2] between them.  Responsible theological reflection,... Continue Reading →

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