I didn’t feel like typing today

I'm reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron lately and have agreed to write what she calls the "Morning Pages". She says that three pages are the minimum but I don't feel like doing that much. The goal is to turn the fawcett of creativity early on in the day in the hopes of it … Continue reading I didn’t feel like typing today

Creating vs Not Destroying

Maybe you're not supposed to create the next big thing. Perhaps it already exists. Yes, it's true that you won't be recognized, but glory can turn on you or go bad overnight. What's wrong with promoting the thing and its maker instead of yourself? After all, isn't creativity really just assembling already existing pieces? You … Continue reading Creating vs Not Destroying

Creative Writing Exercise “7x7x7”

I found this great list of ideas for creative writing prompts. The first one on the list is called 7x7x7. Here are the rules: Find the 7th book from your bookshelf (or digital library). Open it up to page 7. Look at the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a paragraph that begins with that … Continue reading Creative Writing Exercise “7x7x7”

Cite Unseen: 3 Bits for a Better Bibliography

If you create content, whether you're a journalist, educator, pastor, writer, etc., than you know that coming up with original content can be difficult. Writer's block is a common obstacle, especially when there are deadlines, and copying someone else's material from a website is way too easy in the dry times.I started teaching as a … Continue reading Cite Unseen: 3 Bits for a Better Bibliography

How to Sell a Boa Constrictor on Craigslist

Disclaimer: this was a creative writing excercise I did a while back. I do not have a boa constrictor for sale, but I did post this on Craigslist for a day just to see if anyone would respond. I got around 10 emails with interested people. --- What started out as a present for a … Continue reading How to Sell a Boa Constrictor on Craigslist

3 Things to Make Your 2018 Wishes Come True

I remember as a kid always being interested in asking questions just so I could answer it myself. My favorite was asking others "If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?" "More (or unlimited) wishes!" was the typical response from the majority of those I asked.  I could have written a fairly large … Continue reading 3 Things to Make Your 2018 Wishes Come True