10 Again

This was the world as best as I can remember it from the backseat of my dad’s car. No A/C, no FM. Just a low growl and heat all year round. While so much has changed, I am thankful to my dad and brother for keeping the green monster alive. I’m sitting in the backseat … Continue reading 10 Again

Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album

While the internet has solved quite a few of the world’s problems, it is not sinless. It has been the greatest human achievement in making knowledge accessible, but has also been another game of Chutes and Ladders. A good thing can unintentionally kill off other necessary thing. Using it has killed off a few things … Continue reading Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album

My Most Memorable Year Per Decade, Part 1

For most, there is a most memorable year that sticks out to us in each decade. I've compiled either my personal favorite or most memorable below aside from the 70's which I don't remember being born late in the decade (7/15/77). I wish I'd been born on the 7th, though (7/7/77). 1988 — 5th and 6th … Continue reading My Most Memorable Year Per Decade, Part 1

Kids and Machines: it could have been worse…

It could have been so much worse. My nine year old son and his buddy got in a go cart wreck on Tuesday. His buddy is good but Macky broke his arm. He’s all patched up now at home but I can’t stop thinking that it could’ve been so much worse. Many of us are … Continue reading Kids and Machines: it could have been worse…

Tuesday Talk with Tim

Your story is as unique to you as a thumbprint. Think of this, not one person who has ever lived has your exact upbringing, education, family dynamic, or experiences. There’s nothing more powerful then to share your own story of transformation. This is a Christian post and I realize that not all of my readers … Continue reading Tuesday Talk with Tim

Tuesday Talk for Parents

Having five kids, and also being a student pastor, has given me many experiences to share with others who are also raising families. Tuesdays Talks are for me to share with parents what I’ve observed, done well, and how I’ve blown it. This one is on the importance of having a mentor. Click the image … Continue reading Tuesday Talk for Parents

Gone Fishin’

“I’m going fishing,” Simon Peter said.John 21:3 The disciples had been through a whirlwind in the previous days living through their leader being arrested, beaten, crucified, buried, only to be resurrected and crash their “What just happened...” party. Everything had become abnormal and fishing sounded like a good “normal” idea. I read this passage differently … Continue reading Gone Fishin’