Friend or Footnote

Ben Folds quotes his "friend" who is a musical therapist in his new book, A Dream About Lightning Bugs. I don't know why this person didn't get a footnote. Maybe her comment isn't in print or publication. Maybe he couldn't track her down in time enough to get permission to quote her. Either way, the … Continue reading Friend or Footnote

5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

Yesterday marked the first completion of reading the Bible through in a year for me. 2019 was a great year of faith building and growth in Christ and I believe this was largely due to a consistent time with God in His Word and in prayer. Here I'm compiling five things that made the most … Continue reading 5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

Hand Delivered

When the check doesn't come in from a trusted source... When the fumes of cruel criticism find their way past the office into your living room... When the forgetful family member forgets... again... When the new friends invite your family over to their house and ignore you the whole time... ...gets redeemed when someone out of … Continue reading Hand Delivered

How to Share the Gospel on the Go

The best type of evangelism is done through the basis of relationships but sometimes you don’t have that luxury. Christians need to be ready whenever the need arises to give the gospel, whether or not there is an ongoing relationship with the person. This is typical when you meet people on a plane, in another … Continue reading How to Share the Gospel on the Go

A Letter to an Old Friend

Old friend, you've aged. Your laughter has creased the sides of your mouth and eyes, but I still see the 10 year old beneath them. Old friend, you're tired. The wind of your cares has blown its' mark on your head and hands, but did not erase the scar above your nose from the baseball … Continue reading A Letter to an Old Friend