One Truly Remarkable MOMent

As early as 5 years of age I can remember believing our neighbor Bruce was an evil bachelor living across the street. I had convinced myself I'd seen him circling our house and that he'd taken my big wheel! My mom was wise to my lies but played along anyway. She traipsed over to his house to "give him what … Continue reading One Truly Remarkable MOMent

How to Give a Better Dinner Speech

I love my job. I'm a pastor on staff at a church outside of Kansas City Missouri. Once a month we host newer attendees at an informal gathering which is a strategic part of our next steps process. It works well in connecting people that want to get involved at our church. Our pastors all sit … Continue reading How to Give a Better Dinner Speech

How to Sell a Boa Constrictor on Craigslist

Disclaimer: this was a creative writing excercise I did a while back. I do not have a boa constrictor for sale, but I did post this on Craigslist for a day just to see if anyone would respond. I got around 10 emails with interested people. --- What started out as a present for a … Continue reading How to Sell a Boa Constrictor on Craigslist

A Letter to a fleeting Dream

Dear dream, Call me deceived for desiring inner tranquility based on geography, job, title, hobbies, leisure... you get the point. Every time I've picked up and moved closer TO you, I'm running FROM something (someone) as well. The main source of what I run away from always find it's way to the car. In fact, … Continue reading A Letter to a fleeting Dream