Ai < The Logos

They may have recently cracked a code for artificial intelligence and whoever has those codes, has codes that outweigh nuclear codes. Nuclear force is great power but language is more powerful. Even AI has its limits, though it may be something God uses temporarily for His purposes, it will always be a servant to the … Continue reading Ai < The Logos

Preaching at Abundant Life

I had the privilege of preaching at my church, Abundant Life, this past Sunday. Below is a snippet of the message. Just click the image to play it. Here is a link to the entire message if you want to watch it. The video is of our entire worship service. Feel free to watch the … Continue reading Preaching at Abundant Life

Sunday One-Time: Stargazing

Nights around here are typically quiet but never silent. Raymore is a southern suburb of Kansas City and is close enough for some spill over light pollution. Last night, really early this morning I should say, I couldn’t sleep. I have a skin condition called inverse psoriasis which makes me want to apply for a … Continue reading Sunday One-Time: Stargazing