If you and I had lunch…

I don't do this as much as I'd like to, but sitting down with someone over lunch to ask them questions from their experience and unique perspective is a healthy exercise in personal growth. In my youthful ignorance, I used to only meet with leaders to ask these questions, but have since learned that we … Continue reading If you and I had lunch…

The Three Types of People You Should Never Do Life Without

Says a wise Dallas Willard, I can think of three types of someones God has given me along the way who proved invaluable. There are types of someones we need who fall outside of these categories but you will never go wrong seeking out a coach, a counselor, and a comrade. COACHES A coach is … Continue reading The Three Types of People You Should Never Do Life Without

5 Ways for the Underrated to Grow in Influence

Among the things floating around in the top drawer of my dresser, various bins in the basement storage, on a top shelf on my bookcase or in the glove compartment, there are a few items I treasure more than most. The list of things I treasure has changed through the years. When I was 5 … Continue reading 5 Ways for the Underrated to Grow in Influence

Two Critical Things Influencers Do

Abe Lincoln knew a lot about a lot of things, but something he knew exceptionally well was how to influence people. This post touches on two things that Lincoln did that put him in the hall of fame of leaders and they are simple enough that anyone who's willing to pay attention can do. The … Continue reading Two Critical Things Influencers Do

Getting Started in Leadership

A friend of mine asked me a few questions for a project she was working on for a class in Christian leadership. Here they are. What are some guiding principles for how you arrived at being a leader?  1. Spend time with leaders. An internship is a great way to do this. Simply seeing what they do … Continue reading Getting Started in Leadership

The Dude Abides: Ambition

I'm reading a book right now by Dave Harvey called Rescuing Ambition. The main point of the book is that ambition by itself is not sinful but ambition that leads to idolatry is. The difference between selfish ambition and selfless ambition is whether the Goal is behind God, or if God is behind the goal. … Continue reading The Dude Abides: Ambition

10 Things to Remember in the First Year of Your New Job

Starting a new job is exciting!  You get a blank slate, new friends, challenges that hopefully fit your experience, among many other perks that come with the new digs.  The start of the year is high time for people taking new jobs so I thought of a few things that will hopefully be of some use to you along the way.  There's no doubt that you're first days and months on the new job are important and will make a lasting impact for the good or the not so good.  Below are some helpful tips to get you going in the first year.

Coaching Shorts #001 – “If you and I had a coffee together…”

If you grew up in the 80's like I did you remember the iconic shorts that coaches wore.  If your coach had a big gut these shorts would at least let him show off his big beefy tan legs if he had them. This segment I'm calling Coaching Shorts is dedicated to offering creative coaching … Continue reading Coaching Shorts #001 – “If you and I had a coffee together…”