“In Kati’s name, Amen.”

"...save the son of your maidservant." Psalms 86:16 ESV David's appeal to God is based partially on recalling the faithful nature of his mother. My mom is a righteous and God-fearing lady as well. Though I can't pray "in Kati's name" I do well to mention her and plead God's faithfulness to the third and … Continue reading “In Kati’s name, Amen.”

One Truly Remarkable MOMent

As early as 5 years of age I can remember believing our neighbor Bruce was an evil bachelor living across the street. I had convinced myself I'd seen him circling our house and that he'd taken my big wheel! My mom was wise to my lies but played along anyway. She traipsed over to his house to "give him what … Continue reading One Truly Remarkable MOMent