My Salvation Story

I grew up in a pastor’s home and came to a fundamental knowledge of the gospel at a young age, but didn’t have a saving knowledge of the gospel until I was a teenager. We moved around quite a bit which led to surface level relationships at best. This sounds like a diss on my … Continue reading My Salvation Story

Things I Hear at the Allergist

"Did you take your antihistamine?" "How'd you do last time?" "Would you like an icepack?" "Owweee!!" These are things I commonly hear at the allergist. I've been on allergy shots now for over a decade. Started them originally in 2006 the first time when I lived in North Central Ohio... had to get tested again … Continue reading Things I Hear at the Allergist

The Groan Man

"Blood is blue." "The whole world gets along." "An expensive education is sure to make you wildly successful." "Your new smartphone won't seem outdated next year when the new one comes out." "The Browns won again!" "Real men don't cry." We've all said things that aren't true.  I had a teacher in elementary school that … Continue reading The Groan Man