10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

1. Education is expensive but potentially a worthy investment if you know what you want in life. A lot of students stumble into universities and pick a degree based on limited knowledge and experience. Picking a degree like picking a tattoo design on a whim off the wall of a tattoo parlor sounds fun but … Continue reading 10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

7 Books to Stay Motivated in Quarantine

My Featured Witty Wednesday Blogger this week is Asha Seth of badbookthief. Asha is a writer, an avid reader, dog lover, copywriter by trade, and an "alto-phobic who wants to go cliff-jumping someday." In her free time, she writes poems and short stories which she share on her blog. The post of hers below caught my eye and I … Continue reading 7 Books to Stay Motivated in Quarantine

5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

Yesterday marked the first completion of reading the Bible through in a year for me. 2019 was a great year of faith building and growth in Christ and I believe this was largely due to a consistent time with God in His Word and in prayer. Here I'm compiling five things that made the most … Continue reading 5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

6 Tips on Discovering Your Writing Voice

I've never been a big U2 fan, but I admit that they are likely the greatest rock band of my generation.  Whether you're a fan or not you can't deny the impact they have had on music and culture.  Bono is more than just a front man to many.  His message has authority from his … Continue reading 6 Tips on Discovering Your Writing Voice

Getting Started in Leadership

A friend of mine asked me a few questions for a project she was working on for a class in Christian leadership. Here they are. What are some guiding principles for how you arrived at being a leader?  1. Spend time with leaders. An internship is a great way to do this. Simply seeing what they do … Continue reading Getting Started in Leadership

The Dude Abides: Ambition

I'm reading a book right now by Dave Harvey called Rescuing Ambition. The main point of the book is that ambition by itself is not sinful but ambition that leads to idolatry is. The difference between selfish ambition and selfless ambition is whether the Goal is behind God, or if God is behind the goal. … Continue reading The Dude Abides: Ambition

8 Healthy Habits For Any Evening

You're probably reading this on your phone. No judging here. I'm the worst at staring into my phone screen late into the evening. I think I'm developing retinal image burn and scrollyosis. Basically, I'm writing this for myself. Scrolling through Pinterest, I found this interesting article from Productive and Free called 12 Evening Habits Worth … Continue reading 8 Healthy Habits For Any Evening

7 Habits for the Aspiring Writer

You have something to say to the world. What you have to tell the world may sound similar to what others are saying, or what has already been said, but no one can SAY it like you can. Your voice–not just the sound of it–is comprised of thoughts, personality, values, upbringing, experience, and a certain … Continue reading 7 Habits for the Aspiring Writer