6 Words That Can Change Everything

I got this message today from a friend of my sons. He's 14 and his life was changed by Jesus this summer at church camp. What 14 year old does that?! I'm at the gym fighting back tears writing this post. This is a natural outcome when someone really meets Jesus. I met Jesus at … Continue reading 6 Words That Can Change Everything

Joy Comes in the Morning

I have been going through the fire at my own request from the Lord. I asked God to make me more like Jesus by whatever means necessary. He has answered and I feel that I am out of the woodshed for now based on my reading today from Psalm 30. I also asked God that … Continue reading Joy Comes in the Morning

Beautiful Bogotá Columbia, day two.

There's 100 of us collectively from Kansas City (Abundant Life, Lee's Summit), Rogersville Arkansas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and our host, Vida Nueva Iglesia, from Bogotá. The mornings are spent downtown evangelizing. Today we took the Merchant route and bought time with people. The first conversation was with a shoe shiner and our second being … Continue reading Beautiful Bogotá Columbia, day two.

The Stones in the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

OK, I've heard a false statement over and over in reference to evangelism, that when someone rejects the gospel, "...they're not rejecting you. They're rejecting Jesus." There's one BIG problem with that. I believe that the people who say it are well-intentioned and that they're not bad people - they're just wrong. Philippians 3:17 "...that … Continue reading The Stones in the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

B-side Myself

Grew up in pastors home (check) Went to Christian school (check) Only missed church a handful of times in whole life (check) Went to Bible College (check) Married another pastor's kid (check) Begat 5 pastor's kids of my own (check) Have only ever been in ministry vocationally (check) Finally received assurance of salvation (check) It … Continue reading B-side Myself

How to Share the Gospel on the Go

The best type of evangelism is done through the basis of relationships but sometimes you don’t have that luxury. Christians need to be ready whenever the need arises to give the gospel, whether or not there is an ongoing relationship with the person. This is typical when you meet people on a plane, in another … Continue reading How to Share the Gospel on the Go

What is the Difference Between Faith and Trust?

What is the difference between faith and trust? Seriously, can you give a legitimate answer? Anytime I've asked this, or have been asked this by others, the answer is basically the same for each. Over a year ago I was in a counseling session where the counselor asked what I thought was the difference is … Continue reading What is the Difference Between Faith and Trust?