A High-Jacked

While listening to James Taylor’s Walking Man album tonight, I was taken back by the genius of his songs. He was in his middle 20s when he wrote and recorded it, which means he had to write from his young and limited experience. I do realize that some young artists have more God-given talent than others,... Continue Reading →


An Abbreviated, Biblical Understanding of Spiritual Warfare

The Origin of Satan Satan is a real, living, being.  Satan (Heb. ah-satan, literally “adversary”), synonymous with “slanderer”, “accuser”, “serpent”, “dragon”, “enemy”, “evil one” and “Lucifer” (Lucifer is only used once, cf. Is. 14:12, King James only. No modern translations use the term).  Mainly he is the accuser (Job 1:6-12; Zech 3:1-2; Rev 12:10) and... Continue Reading →

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