Two Critical Things Influencers Do

Abe Lincoln knew a lot about a lot of things, but something he knew exceptionally well was how to influence people. This post touches on two things that Lincoln did that put him in the hall of fame of leaders and they are simple enough that anyone who's willing to pay attention can do. The … Continue reading Two Critical Things Influencers Do

How to Tell a Better Story

One of the best ways to make an impact is to tell a compelling story.  Whether you're sharing the gospel, selling shoes online, or raising money to dig wells in underdeveloped countries, having a compelling story will always go in your favor. I found a really great article about this at You can read … Continue reading How to Tell a Better Story

How to Write a Letter the Boss Won’t Toss

The following was from a previous post. If you're reading this post you're probably like so many others right now looking for work. Needing a good cover letter doesn't strike many as high on the priority list but it really does matter to many employers.  I haven't earned a PhD in cover letter theory but … Continue reading How to Write a Letter the Boss Won’t Toss

A Letter to an Old Friend

Old friend, you've aged. Your laughter has creased the sides of your mouth and eyes, but I still see the 10 year old beneath them. Old friend, you're tired. The wind of your cares has blown its' mark on your head and hands, but did not erase the scar above your nose from the baseball … Continue reading A Letter to an Old Friend

Guest Post: Josh Reed – An Unexpected Journey

I'm excited to share my blog tonight with a friend and brother Josh Reed. He is a gifted man with a love for his beautiful family, a knack for the outdoors, and a great beard – Enjoy! Paul Harvey is arguably one of the greatest American storytellers. He had a way of telling a story … Continue reading Guest Post: Josh Reed – An Unexpected Journey