Leading from the Comment Section

Either you missed the casting call or didn't make the cut. You saw yourself on the stage dropping diamonds and picking up roses but somehow you're not on it. You are, however, subjected to listen to someone else read the same lines you rehearsed and delivered with conviction. What do you do when your life … Continue reading Leading from the Comment Section

The Bookends of the Commandments

“You shall have no other gods before me... You shall not covet your neighbor's ...” Exodus 20:3, 17 ESV Francis Schaefer in his book True Spirituality, claims that the bookends of the Ten Commandments deal with gratitude toward God in the first, and toward others in the last. Jesus said the whole law and the … Continue reading The Bookends of the Commandments

The Dude Abides: Day 7 – The Kingdom of God

I'm a pastor's kid. I married a pastor's kid. We have 5 pastor's kids. Sundays have always been the Lord's Day in my house. Like my wife and myself, my kids have all been in church since infancy, but this doesn't stop them from coming up to me every Sunday, almost without exception, to ask … Continue reading The Dude Abides: Day 7 – The Kingdom of God

What if God doesn’t fix it?

There's a scene in Thornton Wilder's play, The Angel that Troubled the Waters, that captures the essence of waiting on God to fix the broken thing, or things, in our lives. The scene is a medical doctor that comes to the pool everyday wanting to be healed of his own depression, anxiousness, and deep sadness.  … Continue reading What if God doesn’t fix it?