Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album

While the internet has solved quite a few of the world’s problems, it is not sinless. It has been the greatest human achievement in making knowledge accessible, but has also been another game of Chutes and Ladders. A good thing can unintentionally kill off other necessary thing. Using it has killed off a few things … Continue reading Dinner Time Thoughts, Discussion Guide Included: The Full Length Album

My Salvation Story

I grew up in a pastor’s home and came to a fundamental knowledge of the gospel at a young age, but didn’t have a saving knowledge of the gospel until I was a teenager. We moved around quite a bit which led to surface level relationships at best. This sounds like a diss on my … Continue reading My Salvation Story

Set the Time Machine to 1996…

I'm currently in my office doing some research for a project I'm working on but the music playlist (Peaceful Piano on Spotify) playing in my headphones is taking me back to the time my wife and I were dating in college. She was a music education major and her instrument was piano. Her playing at … Continue reading Set the Time Machine to 1996…

The Music of Conversation

21 years ago this month I was in a van with seven other people that ended up becoming very dear to me. We traveled for Baptist Bible College in Springfield Missouri on a musical recruiting team. Our travel schedule lasted throughout the school year going to churches on the weekend, and also for 10 weeks … Continue reading The Music of Conversation