Faith vs. a Desire for Power

'For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity.”' Acts 8:23 Simon the sorcerer, who was well known for his magic, had come to faith in Christ and wanted the same miraculous powers the apostles displayed. Peter called him out for his hidden agenda. Some things can't be seen just by … Continue reading Faith vs. a Desire for Power

Every Word Costs

My wife and I started dating in April 1996 and were married two Independence Days later. As a young man, I was plagued by passivity which led to a couple of breakups while dating. I remember the two of us sitting in a Village Inn restaurant one night with a couple of friends and we … Continue reading Every Word Costs

Something is Missing

Writing has become labor. I don’t remember it ever being like this. I have no thoughts worth capturing and the ones which have merit can’t be said just yet. Each day has enough melancholy to cloak the light of innovation like an overcast Cleveland afternoon. This year has challenged or completely taken so much away … Continue reading Something is Missing

Wisdom from Above

“This one calls for wisdom…” (Rev. 13:18a). Understanding Scripture requires wisdom from above, especially passages which are hard to possess intellectually. Wisdom is applied knowledge through experience and insight and the kind of insight we need to aid us in following hard after God requires a wisdom of a heavenly sort. If you don’t understand … Continue reading Wisdom from Above

How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.

I got to judge pies a couple years ago for a church function and tried to avoid any variation of pumpkin like Walmart but a buddy of mine made sure I got one. I distrust even well made pumpkin pies let alone the kind I got that had what seemed to have a Folgers coffee … Continue reading How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.