C.S. Lewis on the Interstellar and Redemption

I'm reading The Business of Heaven by CS Lewis and read an excerpt called Life on Other Planets. Below I have adapted his thoughts in modernized American English. "If there are other rational species other than life on earth, are they fallen and sinful like us? This is a point easily forgotten. Some think that... Continue Reading →

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Wisdom from a Fool’s Distance – Job‬ ‭20:18-21‬, Holman Slang

“He will try to choke down and bring to full enjoyment what he labored for but it will come straight back up because he oppressed the poor folk and took a neighbors house by violence. His greedy over-desires stirred up his soul’s quiet and every delight worth saving vanished into thin air. All has been... Continue Reading →

John Maxwell’s Thoughts on Leading People Without Building Relationships

"If you're a high achiever who has neglected relationships in your leadership, you may be saying to yourself, "I haven't needed to develop relationships to be a good leader..." Here is my answer to that: as long as you're winning, people are willing to follow even if you are hard on them. However, when you... Continue Reading →

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