Tased and Confused

There's a story coming out of Cincinnati right now about 11-year-old girl that stole candy from a Kroger and how a police officer tased her when she ran. I'm so glad Kroger got their candy back, but at what expense? She will likely never trust another cop for the rest of her life because of... Continue Reading →


The Psalms: Our Guide for Prayer

The Psalms have been the prayers of the Saints for generations. Many of us have not discovered this wealth of material for prayer. When you don’t know what to pray for as you should, or what kind of prayer to offer, the Holy Spirit is praying for you in groans too deep for words (Romans... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bogotá Columbia, day two.

There's 100 of us collectively from Kansas City (Abundant Life, Lee's Summit), Rogersville Arkansas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and our host, Vida Nueva Iglesia, from Bogotá. The mornings are spent downtown evangelizing. Today we took the Merchant route and bought time with people. The first conversation was with a shoe shiner and our second being... Continue Reading →

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