About Tim

Tim Holman

Creative Communication

I love asking thoughtful questions, giving and receiving second chances, real talk, reverb/chorus/delay, Volvos, being on a first name basis at my third places, a novel idea, a good conspiracy, paperbacks, Spotify, Ben Folds, melodies, and automotive. I pay taxes and fold laundry in Kansas City where my wife and I are raising 2 kids, feeding 1 very hungry teenager, and coaching two young adults.

On a meaningful note, I’d like to help others discover and shape their own stories in light of the grace and love God offers us in Christ.

On a practical note, I hope someday to make some money off of my scribble so I can do the following:

  1. Pay back the State of Missouri what I owe them for Grad School
  2. Restore an ’87 Celica and an early 80’s Volvo 240 with kids
  3. Counsel the Homeless
  4. Teach Counseling at the Collegiate Level
  5. Restore an Airstream so my wife and I can have a coffee food truck
  6. Make memories for my family on a bougie vacation every year for the rest of our lives
  7. Live independently