Yesterday was a spiritually supercharged day for me. I had been praying for a crucial conversation needing to be had for a couple of weeks and it went very well. Because of all the prep that went into it, I believe I experienced a deeper communion with God as a result. I had two other... Continue Reading →

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5 questions to ask yourself before your next ‘Drop the Mic’ presentation

Pastor, writer, and communicator aficionado Andy Stanley has five questions that he asks himself while preparing a communication piece. He's most well known for his weekly teachings as the lead pastor at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta Georgia, but he is also extremely well known for his conference speaking, books and leadership podcast. It... Continue Reading →

9 Reasons why Roadkill Removal should be left to Professionals

Sometimes we all do things were not proud of. It may start out with the best intentions but could feel like something completely different after the fact. There's a road in my town where the northbound side of the street belongs to the city of Raymore and the southbound traffic side belongs to the city... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Put ‘Thanks’ Back Into Thanksgiving

Are you prone to seasons of unhappiness or momentary depression?  I found your new drug but you can't get it at CVS or Walgreen's.  If anything those places can potentially make the situation I talking about here worse.  What I'm talking about is not in pill form and is non-habit forming. It's called gratitude. "Don’t... Continue Reading →

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