Long live Christian music.

I’m not one to listen to K-Love all day and this isn’t a post to complain about the small playlists of most Christian radio stations … BUT … there is value of listening to music which helps you focus on God. If you desire to have unbroken communion with God, anything that assists you in … Continue reading Long live Christian music.

The Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-20 (Romans 13:14) Put on the armor of God. Saying no to sin is a daily battle. Some days are skirmishes and others are full out hand to hand combat. Sure, it’s easier to give in and then ask for forgiveness but you lose so much ground in the process. As Christians, we received … Continue reading The Armor of God

God’s “Weird” Way of Answering Our Prayers

Judges 13:22, “We’re certainly going to die . . . because we have seen God!” Do we always know what we're asking when we pray? We beg God for showers of blessing but we ask without knowing that black clouds must gather in to bring them. Thank God for this ignorance because we might hesitate … Continue reading God’s “Weird” Way of Answering Our Prayers

5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

Yesterday marked the first completion of reading the Bible through in a year for me. 2019 was a great year of faith building and growth in Christ and I believe this was largely due to a consistent time with God in His Word and in prayer. Here I'm compiling five things that made the most … Continue reading 5 Essentials for a Better Bible Study

“In Kati’s name, Amen.”

"...save the son of your maidservant." Psalms 86:16 ESV David's appeal to God is based partially on recalling the faithful nature of his mother. My mom is a righteous and God-fearing lady as well. Though I can't pray "in Kati's name" I do well to mention her and plead God's faithfulness to the third and … Continue reading “In Kati’s name, Amen.”

Three Answers to Prayer

I'm reading a devotional in the Bible App Youversion called "Pray like Jesus" by Pastor Mark Driscoll. He tells a funny and helpful story about his kids in reference to how God answers us when we pray. "Like all dads, God reserves three potential answers to all prayers: Yes, No, or Later. Some years ago, … Continue reading Three Answers to Prayer

4 Reasons Why Churches Should Stop Doing the Helicopter Egg Drop

Eight years ago I was pastoring a small church in Ashland Ohio. The church was one year old and we had around 50 people at the time. We wanted to do something BIG for an Easter outreach so we dropped 10,000 eggs from a helicopter and we emptied our checking account to do it. It … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Churches Should Stop Doing the Helicopter Egg Drop

The Shadow of Prayer

Prayer is always the forerunner of divine mercy. Even a short glance at Christian history uncovers that great mercies are seldom known separated from supplication. This is also true of personal experience. There are showers of unsolicited favor but still great prayer has been the prelude of great mercy within. When peace was found by … Continue reading The Shadow of Prayer

You Don’t Need the New iPhone

Jesus has rocked my world. If you think you know Him well there’s more. Better men and women than us in 2000 years of historical Christian witness have tried to sound the depths of Christ’s love and have all come back wanting. In humility go to the well and ask Him to reveal Himself to … Continue reading You Don’t Need the New iPhone