CS Lewis said something in The Abolition of Man that has never left me. Only a man that has had a brush with God would be able to say it with conviction.

“To exist is human but to know that you exist is divine.”

It is a simple yet profound statement and something we can all look at and go, “Hmmm… yeah. That is pretty wonderful.”

The New Scientist reported about the “hard problem of consciousness” as something “already beginning to dissolve”, saying,

“THE nature of consciousness is truly one of the great mysteries of the universe because, for each of us, consciousness is all there is. Without it, there is no world, no self, no interior and no exterior. There is nothing at all.”

Read Full Article, here – https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg25133501-500-the-hard-problem-of-consciousness-is-already-beginning-to-dissolve/amp/

Q. This next question assumes an intelligent creator. What problems are created or solved by God giving us consciousness?

Q. If consciousness is a “hard problem” as the article says, how so?

My subjectivity: Consciousness is the divine spark. It is what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God. To exist is human, but to know you exist is divine.

Thank you Cal for letting me use you in this photo! “Coach” loves you!

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  1. It is that nuance in Genesis. Everything was good, but when God made something in His image, it was very good. I agree with the quote and what you added to it. I have been running a series of philosophy posts and this subject has come up in a few of them, and the great philosophers, for the most part missed God and us being created in God’s image. It is like the simple thing that a scientist writes a book about to explain what the child could explain in one or two sentences – and the scientist missed the point entirely. Can our consciousness lead us to overthink the whole concept of consciousness?


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