My Bible

I bought this Bible at the bookstore of my college 20 years ago. I’d love to say it was a purchase based on need, but it was mostly out of envy.

All the cool guys from Kansas City had a wide margin Cambridge KJV. It is a Cambridge but I didn’t have the $150 to spare so I settled for the $80 average Joe margin edition KJV.

The Queen’s English is not the easiest to understand but it’s the good ole book nonetheless.

It wasn’t long ago that I still wrote in block without my Parker 51.

I wish every page looked like this.

The autograph on the left is from John Schlitt, lead man of Christian Rock band Petra. Yes, I brought it to a concert to have him sign it. I was 22 and asked him to write something meaningful… seriously. He looked confused but played along.

Stay strong in Jesus Christ! John Schlitt

Looking back, it’s exactly what I needed to have him say.

The last image is some thoughts from R.C. Sprouls Renewing Your Mind, “The ‘Cannots’ of God”.

It has kept well through the years. While it has not been the first to come off the shelf for quick reference, it has become my favorite. It lays flat, feels like a premium Bible (because it is-even with less spiritual margins), takes me back to a time in life held in high regard, and would be grieved if misplaced.

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