Things I Hear at the Allergist

“Did you take your antihistamine?”

“How’d you do last time?”

“Would you like an icepack?”


These are things I commonly hear at the allergist.

I’ve been on allergy shots now for over a decade. Started them originally in 2006 the first time when I lived in North Central Ohio… had to get tested again when I moved to Pittsburgh… and again when I moved back to North Central Ohio… and lastly when my family and I moved to Kansas City Missouri 3 years ago.

The reason the testing is necessary every time you move is different regions have differing allergins. The normal tenure for someone on allergy shots is 6 years. I’ll have 13-14 in when I’m done.

What if I stopped moving around so much…

Why have I moved around so much?

Man, that’s a long story.

Maybe I’ll tell you someday.

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