Kids and Machines: it could have been worse…

It could have been so much worse.

My nine year old son and his buddy got in a go cart wreck on Tuesday. His buddy is good but Macky broke his arm. He’s all patched up now at home but I can’t stop thinking that it could’ve been so much worse.

Many of us are getting back out because of what looks to be the end of the first wave of COVID and also for the early start of summer.

I’m only posting this so you will remember to use an abundance of caution (helmets, safety talks) when it comes to your kids and machines.

3 thoughts on “Kids and Machines: it could have been worse…

  1. I have a nephew in his 40s that had a wreck on a four-wheeler two months ago. He’ll be released from rehab next Wednesday, according to the schedule. He cracked his skull and nearly died, initially, then after surgery, and then after getting pneumonia. Yes, praise the Lord that it was only a broken arm. Too bad about the social distancing. He can’t show off his battle scars to his friends.

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