One Truly Remarkable MOMent

As early as 5 years of age I can remember believing our neighbor Bruce was an evil bachelor living across the street. I had convinced myself I’d seen him circling our house and that he’d taken my big wheel!
My mom was wise to my lies but played along anyway. She traipsed over to his house to “give him what for.” I had no idea what she was going to say to him except for “Bruce, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you 1,000 times! Stop stealing Timmy’s Big Wheel!” All I could do was plead for God’s mercy seeing I’d brought on the untimely demise of my mother’s short life. 
Not to say that there are no such people in the world like what I’d imagined Bruce to be, but he was only the villain of my daydreams. Come to find out Bruce was actually a pretty nice guy. The fact that my mom was willing through good humor to set my heart at ease is what is truly remarkable.
To this day, I don’t even know if his name was Bruce Lee, Douglas Fir, or Ronald McDonald. All I know is my mom is a pretty special lady. If you still have your mom, be sure to let her know how much you love her this week.
Now get to Hallmark before all the cards are gone!
I’d love to hear about your favorite MOMent!

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