7 Books to Stay Motivated in Quarantine

My Featured Witty Wednesday Blogger this week is Asha Seth of badbookthief. Asha is a writer, an avid reader, dog lover, copywriter by trade, and an “alto-phobic who wants to go cliff-jumping someday.” In her free time, she writes poems and short stories which she share on her blog.

The post of hers below caught my eye and I want to share it with you.

7 Books to Stay Motivated in Quarantine

“There is no melancholy a book can’t cure.”

Asha Seth

Readers, don’t you agree?

The world is experiencing something no one had ever imagined. Close to 2 months of global lockdown indicates the gravity of the pandemic. That said, not all of us are finding the confinement to our liking. While we are trying to make the most of the quarantine period, confined at home, not all of us have been truly optimistic of the times to come. I, for one, haven’t been feeling very motivated to pursue my passions or regulars.

To help those out who have been lacking positivity, I have curated this list of books that will pump you up with optimism and spark up motivation. The best of the people have gone through such phases, and it is only natural to feel this way given the circumstances. But we should never lose hope and be on a constant lookout for a healthy escape from the dejection this unprecedented paralysis has forced on us.

To that effect, here is a list of some of the best books to read for motivation during the lockdown. Hope you find this list helpful and jump back onto the speeding bandwagon of life, with zeal.

Read the full post here and don’t forget to follow her blog!

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