How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.

I got to judge pies a couple years ago for a church function and tried to avoid any variation of pumpkin like Walmart but a buddy of mine made sure I got one.

I distrust even well made pumpkin pies let alone the kind I got that had what seemed to have a Folgers coffee ground crust with a hint of beef bullion.

It felt like a joke.

Not only was it undercooked, it released something on first fork and I will never be the same. Pumpkins should all be permanently canceled or genetically modified into something less demonic.

They are decorations, not food.

One thought on “How I really feel about pumpkins. Fight me.

  1. So then what is your view on pumpkin smashing? In our area, no one decorates outdoors using pumpkins, because the neighborhood vandals (oops, I meant angelic children) will take the decorations into the street and smash them, ruining the decorations and causing a slick spot worse than ice in the street. But ghosts and ghouls can roam people’s yards and never get touched.


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