If you and I had lunch…

I’ve always liked to eat and working in a university kitchen these past few weeks has given me a new appreciation for good food.

Another of my favorite things is eating lunch with someone (Of course my wife gets first priority as my lifetime lunch buddy). Sometimes I sit down with people over lunch specifically so I can ask them questions about themselves. I used to only do this with leaders but I found out that people who don’t lead in some high executive capacity can offer some incredible insight as well.

If you and I could have lunch together I would break out my notebook and pen and ask you the following:

  1. “What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in life?” By asking this question I seek your wisdom.
  2. “What are you learning right now?” This question gives me a window into your passion(s).
  3. “How has failure shaped your life?” This question gives me insight into your attitude.
  4. “Do you have any regrets?” Without fail this question invokes the response “Great question!”
  5. “Who do you know that I should?” This allows me to engage others connected to you and also shows me whose opinion you value.
  6. “What books have changed your life, and what are you reading now?” These questions help me with my own personal growth.
  7. “How can I be a blessing to you?” This question allows me to express my gratitude for blessing me with your time and insight. Most of the time people respond to this last question by saying, “You’ve already blessed me by asking me these great questions.”

Sadly, we may never share a meal together but on the other end you can answer these questions, if you like, in the comment section of this blog post. I would love to hear your responses either way.

Happy eating!

4 thoughts on “If you and I had lunch…

  1. Excellent questions… I just have to use some of them as they are the BEST ones I’ve read, and are enormously revealing for recipient and person asking – Brilliant..


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